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CEF is a 501(c)(6) not for profit membership organization who’s mission is to improve business conditions and access to capital markets for small-scale entrepreneurs, by developing opportunities that benefit the underserved and underrepresented in the United States and abroad.


CEF’s members seek to improve, promote, protect, and facilitate socially responsible consumerism and conscious capitalism that offers social and environmental benefits to communities on both local and global scales.


CEF’s programs include a Virtual Incubator that serves entrepreneurs and investors worldwide, and a Dolphin Tank series that creates a nurturing environment to develop ventures from idea to self-sustainability.

What does CEF do?

Dolphin Tank

A Dolphin Tank is an event, at which individuals or teams take the stage in front of a sympathetic audience to present startup ideas and solicit help from the audience members to turn those ideas into viable business ventures.

Initially, CEF’s Dolphin Tanks are held in the conference room of our worldwide headquarters in Miami’s famed Brickell Avenue financial district, which has the highest concentration of international banks in the USA.


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