What is CEF

The Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation

Capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid.

About the Foundation

Conscious Entrepreneurship Foundation (CEF)—recognized by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a non-profit membership organization under IRS Code §501(c)(6)—is based in South Florida (USA) and structured as a community-based professional association that promotes the common business interest of small-scale entrepreneurs, whose access to capital, credit, and efficient banking is limited.
CEF fosters socially responsible consumerism and conscious capitalism with social and environmental benefits to the local communities of its members worldwide and to the world at large. CEF’s staff and directors are all volunteers, and all income—membership dues, fundraising, and grants—is used solely to further tax-exempt activities for the good of all CEF members, collectively. Further, no substantial part of CEF’s work involves supporting legislative activities, propaganda, or political campaigns on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate of public office.

Our Vision

Help someone to teach others to fish, and you feed the world.

Our Mission

CEF’s mission is to improve business conditions for small-scale entrepreneurs—both those excluded from mainstream society with OECD member states and the 85% of humanity who live outside of OECD member states—by facilitating access to capital, credit, and efficient banking, and educating its members and the general public about innovations in finance, communication, and economic development.

Global Forum

Developing a forum for entrepreneurs, small business owners and finance industry professionals/institutions that promotes economic development with an emphasis on furthering conscious business standards.


Educational seminars, programs and workshops. Who’s purpose is to inform members of the Organization and the public at large about the importance and community benefits of investment in local, small business.

Capital Investments

Encouraging local finance industry professionals/institutions to increase their capital investments in small-scale entrepreneurs within their local communities.

Standards of Integrity

Establishing professional standards of integrity for financial investment in small-scale business through practices that promote fair trade, socially responsible consumerism and conscious capitalism.